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Return to Play for COVID & Concussions
MEDICAL CLEARANCE FOR CONCUSSIONS & COVID19 POSITIVE: In efforts to ensure our student-athletes are safe and healthy, please note that there is a Return to Play protocol for anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Many know there is a Return to Play protocol for those that have experienced concussions. This is something new that requires a Doctor's clearance to start, so if you have any questions, please contact our athletic trainer, Catherine Ortiz, at See this link for the COVID RTP process.

1.  If a student, or coach, has tested positive for COVID-19 at any time, it should be reported to the coach, athletic trainer, and/or the athletic director at the school.

2.  Any student-athlete who has tested positive for COVID-19, at any time, must complete a Return-to-Play (RTP) program performed by the school’s athletic trainer in order to resume participation (this is similar to the RTP performed for students with concussions).  An athlete who participated in a fall sport at the school, and has already gone through these protocols, does not have to repeat.  Testing continues to show that cardiac inflammation could be a side-effect of COVID-19 and a testing protocol for return should be conducted.

3.  Failure to be transparent about symptoms, or a positive COVID-19 test, could be detrimental to other student-athletes and the specific athletic team and program.

Author: Kimberly Koontz   E-Mail:

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